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I was thinking about this show the other day. I remember the sendoff they gave Wiig. I also remember the last sketch from last season (or maybe the season before) where Will Ferrel and others joined in on the singing of Good Night Saigon. I thought that was a cool moment. But what I was thinking about was the last sketch on the last show ever. Let's just say SNL is cancelled by NBC.
1)Who should be the final host?
2)Who should be the final musical guest?
3)What should the final sketch be?

Personally, I think the final host should be either Steve Martin or Alec Baldwin maybe even Chevy Chase or Dan Aykroyd. Both are highly respected on the SNL set and both can carry a show. As for the final musical guest....that's a tough one. It should be an established band who has Global appeal. Maybe The Who, perhaps The Rolling Stones? Maybe someone like Bruce Springsteen or even Billy Joel? Why not both? The final sketch shouldn't be a total sketch for laughs. It should be a tribute to all people who have been a member of the SNL cast. Get as many to be on the show as you can. Have a tribute to deceased SNL cast members. The final shot should be every surviving cast member on stage with Lorne Michaels front and center.
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