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Originally Posted by Jayes View Post
Congrats, Jason! She agreed to marry you even though the soundtrack of your life has been the entire live DMB catalog?

I'm working on building a stronger financial infrastructure before I ask my lady. All she's ever wanted to do is be a mom and after some duo-travelling early on I don't want her to have to wait any longer to start a family than she wants to.

Drummerkrf: you have to be around my age (24); how long have you two been together? (Also, would've done the same thing in your position)

Close enough, 27. It was 4 years on September 5th.

So, if you're doing the math, we were only engaged for all of 2 1/2 months tops, but we knew each other well. We dated in high school and then I broke it off and was the resident asshole in the hallways our senior year, after 5 years of not saying a damn word to each other we met up again at ggies wedding...
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