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Originally Posted by ThememanXX View Post
Thanks....haha, and I'm going to need that story!
It was some Saturday evening in June of 2009. She works in the school district and she had to take some educator's exam up in Denton that morning (Denton's about 45min North of Dallas). The thing took like 4 hours and I drove her up there. Had already had the ring and had it hidden under the driver's seat in the car. I remember rummaging through the Barnes & Noble and picking my first Phish album on a lark, Vegas '96, which I listened to in the parking lot waiting for her to finish this test.

Anyway, she wasn't in a good mood when it was all said and done, we drove back to my apartment at the time to get ready for a big date, where I planned on popping the question, but instead she wanted to scrap the idea and just go see a movie. So, naturally, to please her, I had to put the plan on hold. We were driving to the theater and it was like the world didn't want anything to go right for us. There was a huge traffic cluster-fuck on the highway because some wreck had shut down the entire eastbound side of the main highway we use. So we re-routed to go elsewhere, and I kept getting antsy because we too were listening to different songs that we thought would be great wedding songs... I think Peter Gabriel's 'Book of Love' was the one that made me think... "Ah screw it! This is happening right now."

So I whipped the car over onto the shoulder, had her get out and move to the front of the car while I fished out the box from under the seat. Then I got down on my knee and proposed right there on the side of the highway. A few cars threw out some congratulatory honks on their way by, so it made it pretty memorable.

Our wedding photographer in Destin had us go to the sandy median of a road out there to re-enact the thing with her in her dress, put the camera on the 'bulb' setting so that you could see the cars' lights streaked across the frame... turned out to be the coolest picture of the whole event.

Anyway, there's the story.

edit: another fun sidenote... I was wearing a Grateful Dead t-shirt when I proposed
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