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Originally Posted by JamSession v2.0 View Post
I've listened to She several times now and I am certain it's not ju-ju.
I'm fairly certain it's

there ain't no god or man
could kill the burning fire
she is born in the middle of my soul
if you wait too long to taste the dew
dew is gone, the lights are off
you have run out of time

That is garbage. It's catchy though.

In fact the more I listen to this song, the less I like it. It may have an intricate guitar riff compared to other songs, but it's bland in overall construction, aside from the catchy chorus which is rubbishly worded. (See I can use words clumsily, too!) The horns initially sound neat because of the effects, but quickly reveal their unimaginative structure.

If it reminds me of any other "alternative" band, it's Foo Fighters, a mostly bland rock act.

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