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Originally Posted by killymagee View Post
I think you're right about the 7-12-00 SBD. I think the 1999 Gorge SBDs are straight up soundboards, but I'm note sure about the 2000 Shoreline SBD or the Virginia Beach SBD or the MSG SBD. My guess is they are.
I'm almost 100% positive a Pro-shot Shoreline video does exist (and I'm not talking about the Sinclair screenshot vid). The guys who had 7-12-00 originally at the time also claimed to have 8-2-00 but apparently were pissed 7-12 leaked in SVCD. Probably sitting in someone's closet somewhere....

8-2 would be cool I guess but the one I'd really like would be 12-13-00 w/ Haynes if the SBD SHNs actually did come from a video....

Anyway it's been almost six years and no luck so I've given up hope
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