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Originally Posted by celluloid hero View Post
As it was the only time played, and I really don't want 7.8.07 as a release, this is the perfect place for this. Get a version out there. When you ignore our day-to-day DMBness and overknowledge and take this sentence for what it is by any band:

"Limited number expensive vinyl collector's set available to fan club members for pre-order with expected quick sell out containing the only performance of a song that most of the fan base hasn't even heard."

It's non-random, entirely fits this release and is part of what makes it special. We sometimes criticize them for the effort, and you can argue song picks all day, but there's care that went into this and Falling Off the Roof to me, is part of that result.
Totally valid. Could also argue that songs such as Blue Water, #40 or Sugar Will are much more endemic to the story of DMB's 25 years, while a one-off like Falling Off the Roof would fit just as appropriately, if not more so, on a WH disc.

That's not a big critique, just an extended thought. The compilation far exceeded my expectations. And it's true that none of these cuts have ever been officially released via any other disc/DL?
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