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Originally Posted by NiCK Crush View Post
Love that this isn't single heavy.
Hear, hear. This was downright stunning, and basically clinched my purchase. If it was populated with Ants, Jimi, Space, Shake Me, WWYS, Crash Into Me and Tripping Billies instead of Doobie Thing, Raven, Busted Stuff, BEF>>Granny, Snow Outside, Kit Kat Jam, Break For It (always been a fan of that one), I would have passed.

When this hit my email, the ONLY thing I was hoping for that didn't make the cut was Blue Water Baboon Farm. There's a lot of variety in here, a lot to like. And yeah the vinyl plays to a small section of the fan base, but this was a cool, inspired idea—even if the cost is steep.

Falling Off the Roof is random as all hell. Swapping that with, say, Yoshi's #40 or one of the '04 songs would've been superb.
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