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Originally Posted by roshea999 View Post
What options do you have in Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana? Any medicinal out there even?
Medicinal just legalized, but not implemented in Ohio yet. They're expected mid-2017 last I saw. They put a terrible recreational law on the ballot last year that limited the farms in the state to an oligarchy of 10 celebrities including Nick Lachey, that was a "rich get richer" and even pot activists advised to vote it down and wait for a better law. We were also the first state to try to legalize recreational without medicinal already being legalized. Maybe a better one will be on the ballot next year.

I won't scam the medicinal, though. Too many people have real problems and I have a consistent and pretty high quality source. I just can't tell him my desired results. He's got what he's got :-).
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