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When it is legal here I will probably try it more. Only because, since high school, my experiences with weed have been very hit or miss. I want couch weed, but 3/4 of the time I end up paranoid as fuck or cleaning my entire house feeling like a total loser. And don't get me started on edibles. I honestly end up in the closet. Alcohol's effect on me is much more predictable and thus enjoyable. But, being able to select a strain, knowing it's tendancies would certainly be of interest to me. I have really bad anxiety and know people use weed for that, but it has only ever exagerated mine. I just feel like everyone knows and is judging me (though I don't even like to drink around people I am not very comfortable with). But, I do love feeling different at home alone. And now with vapes and weed being calorie free, a beer and a vape at 9 oclock seem a lot better than 2 or 3 beers. Though beer is just so delicious.

As far as legality, I agree with you. I think it is on par with alcohol as a reality alternative and should be legal and regulated. I know tons of people who smoke that are very successful in all areas of society. I'd rather their money be going to pay wages, health insurance and taxes then into the pockets outside this country.

As someone who smokes a few times a year, I do find heavy smokers to be a tad annoying. I feel like, especially with vapes now making hiding it so easy, they are much more willing to use it anywhere and eveywhere. Skiing is nuts. We can't do anything without my buddies whipping out their vapes. And these are doctors / lawyers. If I was ripping nips on every chair lift ride, or in the car, I'd be considered a fairly dangerous alcoholic.

Pot culture seems like more of a full time lifestyle. And I'm not a total prude here, but I see so many people actively vaping on the road it kind of disgusts me. Again, these are personal experiences / opinions, and I still think it should be legal. And it should be here in two weeks.
You hit on a lot of good points. There is a "lifestyle" culture with some people, but I think they represent the minority of people overall. Most people I know (that, say, get high during the day) don't talk about it. Chances are you wouldn't even know they're high.

For me it 100% comes down to strain. I've learned that indica gives me that "goofy," "I'll-laugh-at-anything" high, where sativa just mellows me out and makes me appreciate little things and moments much more. 95% of the time I use any form of THC, it's sativa.

You also hit on another point with the strains that I think is worth mentioning: strains of weed are like different types of alcohol. They really do make a world of difference in how people react to them. Some people can't do tequila because it messes them up too much, but vodka or rum, for them, is fine. Some people can't do indica because they get too unglued, but sativa for them is fine (or vice-versa). Some people best respond to hybrids. The best way to think of recreational marijuana is to think about how different types of alcohol affect you different ways, so it's important to experiment and find out what works for you. I think most people outside of legal areas don't really understand that part of marijuana: different strains hit people entirely different ways.

With all of that said, I always feel 100% in control when I'm high. I may zone out more or become a bit aloof (as mentioned before), but I always feel 100% in control. A big part of that is the fact that Colorado marijuana is essentially 100% pure: when you're using it, you're smoking highly regulated and cultivated marijuana. It is literally the highest grade weed in the world. It's a very different experience than the shake I'd smoke when I was 16.
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Just so you know, B.B.C. stands for Bitch Be Cool.
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You know what else it stands for though, right?
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I cant wait for him to google that
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You guys are sick.
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