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Mitch, first.... I may have, but I wanted a new poll now that legalization appears to be spreading to five more states by the end of the year. I'm curious as to where opinions stand today.

Rosh, if I could kiss you on the lips right now, I would. I feel the same exact way about it and use it the same exact way. Never before or during work (ever), but sometimes before I go to the gym and almost nightly before I go to bed, I take a couple of hits from my Pax.

I NEVER would have thought I'd like being just a liiiiittle high at the gym, but man, my workouts have improved significantly. I feel like I stay more focused on what I'm there to do and the slight high makes me focus less on how "tired" I am (from, say, lack of sleep the night before).

Also, for years I suffered from really, really bad insomnia. Since I've started vaping before bed (really only in the last two months), I've slept like a baby almost every single night. In that sense it has TOTALLY changed my life. I'm more alert the next day at work, less grumpy because of the exhaustion, and less anxious than I was before (even when I'm not high).

Before I moved to CO I used to smoke once in a while, but since moving to CO I've truly seen, first hand, how incredibly beneficial the long-term effects of (regularly) using marijuana are on the human body and mind. It's pretty incredible, especially when it's regulated so that what you're using is the purest stuff literally anywhere on the planet.

I, too, RARELY drink liquor anymore. I still love craft beer, but the zero-calorie factor of marijuana use combined with the clean pulls from my vape have left me using marijuana more and more in place of alcohol on weekends. I love not taking in so many empty calories while also knowing I'll wake up feeling great and ready to go about my normal routine the next day. Alcohol doesn't provide that to me. If the current initiative in Denver, where they're considering legalizing vaping in restaurants and bars, passes, I may stop drinking altogether, because then I can replace "booze" as a social lubricant with marijuana.
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Just so you know, B.B.C. stands for Bitch Be Cool.
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You know what else it stands for though, right?
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I cant wait for him to google that
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You guys are sick.
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