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Originally Posted by fan42days View Post
Did you SEE the view?

it was terrible
and btw that was exageration for making a point.

Hell man, I wasn't going to be home In So Cal for the shows in So Cal because I am going to be in Vegas for DMB, so what did I do? booked plane ticket to go to Denver on Thursday so that the next morning I can fly from Denver to Vegas so I didn't miss seeing them. Then I picked up Shoreline Pavilions for the next thursday.

I saw them 34 times from 1985-1995.

cute avatar though.
Bold 1: Yes I did. I thought it was decent at best.
Bold 2: I know that was exaggeration. What deadhead would dump tickets to see the Dead?
Bold 3: Impressive!
Bold 4: Thank you! It originates from the Solja alternate universe Big Whiskey thread.
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