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Carter Beauford's drum kit update

About a week ago I was approached by the band's photographer, Taylor Crothers, to help work on a forthcoming DMB project. Of course I was delighted with the offer and accepted without hesitation. Henry Luniewski, Carter's drum tech, actually sent him my way which was doubly exciting. But the real excitement came when I open my inbox to find a message from Henry himself. I actually received my first email from Henry a few years ago before my second deployment. He basically wished me well and expressed his appreciation for my service. He also mentioned that he refers many people, including others in the crew, to my site. Of course I was delighted, thrilled, and extremely happy to hear all of this. I sent him a reply but never heard anything back. Still, I was grateful to have received a message from him. After hearing from Taylor last week Henry gets back in touch with me. He heard again that I was on yet another deployment. So I take this very fortunate opportunity to seek his help in updating Carter's kit diagram and equipment list. It was something that had to be done for this project I was working on. He provided some really good information, much of it having to do with upcoming changes to Carter's kit. It was great to hear from him but I never expected him to tell me all that he did.

First I just need to say that it seems Henry is the one responsible for most of the changes to Carter's kit over the years. From what he said Carter isn't always aware of upcoming changes with his kit. So Henry is the one wanting to experiment with different sounds and stuff. However, I'm certain that Carter holds the final approval on what he does and doesn't play.

So before I make the official changes to the kit diagram/equipment list and publish it online I'll share with you what's in store for Carter's percussive playground and some other details that Henry divulged:

I'll deliver the biggest news up front. In the very near future Carter will be exchanging his beloved Recording Custom drums for a new "custom" set. He didn't say what kind specifically even after I asked him but I'm sure they will likely be Yamaha's new high-end line of Phoenix drums. This goes along with some info I got from Ronn as well. Carter has been playing those same first four RC toms for the past 15 years. That's quite a long time to be playing the same drums. Remember his bass and floor tom changed several years ago. The big thing I wondered was if the tom sizes will stay the same. This wasn't answered by Henry. Another lingering question is what finish he'll go with. The finish options available for the Phoenix line are, depending on the outer ply, matte natural, matte black, polar white, cherry sunburst, garnet fade, sapphire fade, turquoise fade, textured amber sunburst, and textured black sunburst. Whatever he or Henry chooses, nothing will match his current glossy lacquer black finish on his RC kit. The matte black is about the closest thing. I like the shiny look and matte does not equal shiny.

Carter will also be getting a new rack system soon as well. Purportedly this is because the Hex Rack system has been discontinued by Yamaha. What rack he'll go with wasn't mentioned.

Some good news, Henry said he might work another piggyback or two into the mix. Could the splash stack possibly return?

Carter doesn't use a Yamaha throne anymore but a Clark Synthesis Thunder Throne with two Clark Synthesis Platinum transducers mounted underneath.

Some details in the drumhead department. Carter plays a special snare batter head. It's a CS (controlled sound "dot") Coated Emperor head from Remo.

He didn't say why he put a different bottom head on the 8" tom but he mentioned it was a Smooth White resonant head.

Carter will be getting all new batter heads for his toms soon. They will be the new Ambassador X heads which are like Coated Ambassadors only with a thicker single-ply head. Henry likes the single-ply heads because they allow for more precise tuning.

Henry gave some good information about Carter's cymbals. For hi-hats Carter has been playing 14" K Mastersounds but Henry is going to switch to 13" New Beats. Carter's right crash is a 17" K Dark Medium Thin. He has a 10Ē Zildjian K Custom Dark Splash stacked atop his 14" K Dark Thin Crash. That previous unknown 16" crash in his setup is an A Armand crash. His 14" K Mini China doesn't have any rivets. Henry has done away with the china stack for good now because all Carter plays is the 18" Oriental Classic China. I know, shocking. Such a longstanding piece on his kit has been reduced to a single china. Continuing on his left ride is a 20" A Custom Flat Top Ride with 6" A Custom Splash stacked upside down atop it. That EFX crash on his extreme left is no longer there. It's been replaced with a 22" K Custom Dark Ride. Henry confirmed the Zildjian skillet prototype he used recently on tour. It has been taken out of his setup now. That tom to Carter's left was a 13" and not 14". And speaking of that tom, it's going to get moved to Carter's right where his timbale is and his timbale will go where the tom now is only a little higher. Henry joked about how that's going to piss off the cameraman because he likes that window to shoot Carter through.

Henry also talked about some of Carter's electronics, like his triggers, sampler and some other stuff.

Now for the REAL good news. I spoke with Henry about how Iíll be returning home from this deployment in time to catch the DMB show in Atlanta, two days before my 30th birthday. I also told him that it would be my girlfriendís first ever DMB concert. He replied back stating that he looked forward to meeting me because he would be leaving me backstage passes at will call so I could meet him. Of course after hearing this I had to catch my breath. I couldnít believe what I was reading. Hopefully I'll get to meet Carter as well. This is un-freaking-believable. I have dreamed about meeting Carter for so damn long. I think that Iíve anticipated it so much that Iím going to be completely speechless when I meet him. I can't believe that it is actually going to happen. So needless to say I have lots to look forward to this Summer.

Here shortly Iíll be making a much-needed update to the kit page to reflect some of the things I mentioned here. I wonít make certain changes until they actually happen (i.e. new drum kit).

Needless to say there are plenty of things to pay attention to this Summer with Carterís kit.
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