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Originally Posted by celluloid hero View Post
there's not a ton I want to give away yet, I think it will fun for everyone to see new features as they roll out. I will say that obviously there's a section for guests and venues that we just couldn't get done before the holiday weekend, and we wanted to publish yesterday. But one thing I'll let out is that the time tracking we've done to every known recording in band history will be taken advantage of. You will be able to see how hours of your life you've wasted seeing Louisiana Bayou over the years.

A big thanks to everyone who has donated even though in 2 months there will be a more stable and laden site for free. It means a lot to us, and lets us put in more features that might be a bit more expensive due to bandwidth.
Donating is the least anyone could do for everything the Almanac has provided the community thus far, let alone new/coming features. Thank you.

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i get the feeling about 3% of the people in this thread have ever been laid
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