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Originally Posted by grasshopper View Post
they busted out In Limbo the other night for first time in quite a while....

This was great. Their producer Nigel came out and played tambourine. I was at both the Vancouver and Seattle show. It was my first time seeing them since 03. IMO they are the best band in the world (not even close). All of their cd's take awhile for me to get into . In Rainbows is killer live.

Sad note. I was in Vancouver the day Leroi passed and not near a computer or phone. On my drive back to Seattle I logged online and had it on their front page. I am not an emotional person but damn Roi's death came as a shock and hit hard. I am also friends with Leroi's cousin in San Francisco and know how tight his family is. Talk about a bittersweet couple of days.
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