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Originally Posted by batleon View Post
Out of curiosity, why Crashplan Jack? What sets it apart? Been thinking a lot more about backing up online these days since I don't have time to deal with the external hard drive these days.
My brother in law & best friend have a good buddy who I consider the smartest person I know and he is my new go to on things like this. He told me to either go with crashplan or some other alternative that I cannot remember. So, I simply went with the one I could remember

But, I do remember him saying that crashplan had a better interface and was easier to work with. As I said, if you are trying to use a network mounted drive (like wd mycloud) than it can be a bit of a pain in the ass, but I eventually got it figured out (and am quite proud of myself. Pat on the back & a blowjob!) so it's all taken care of now. But, it literally tells me it is going to take 5 months to upload 1.7tb of stuff. But, whatever. They'll send you a drive to do it faster, but that costs like $200 or something. I'm fine with this. As long as something crazy doesn't happen in the next five months I should be good.
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