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Originally Posted by Fan#41 View Post
Can you post, at the very least, 10 performances from each year from 2008, '09 and '10 where Jeff was throwing "licks all over the place"? Not solos, but random lines inside a pocket or verse throughout an entire song? I'm talking actual performances, not just song titles. Not trying to be a dick, I just honestly can't pin-point specific performances that match your descriptions. I mean there were a few performances during those years where he was fishing a bit, getting his feet wet, and that was interesting but it's not close to the level that you seem to remember. We must be listening to two different bands because you're making it seem like he was just adding in all kinds of stems and improvised lines throughout the majority of DMB's songs from 2008 to 2010 and that's 100% not the case. Like I said, he stood out more during those years because his style and tone were so new to the fanbase. So what it truly boils down to is the soloing and he's not going balls out on every #41. And what I'm implying is what I've seen with my own eyes. I've seen Rashawn "direct" Jeff, whether it be a horn line drowning out someone else taking a solo, or when and where to solo. Sometimes Dave makes that call too. You can see him motion over to Jeff or Rashawn to take the next one.
You're right. I'm having a hard time finding good examples, so maybe he wasn't really doing what I thought he was. Clearly though, his role has been scaled back and changed because its a common discussion topic on the forums on a daily basis, so I'm not the only person noticing it. And I think you're right about him standing out because he has a different style, but to be honest, he really solos a lot less than he used to. That is something I have definitley noticed. Very few songs are just a solo Jeff's almost always a shared battle solo between him and Rashawn. That's the worst part. I like that battle in like Jimi Thing for example, but they do it on almost every song with a solo section now. Why can't Jeff just take the solo himself on Rapunzel or Grey Street and Rashawn can have Proudest and some other ones? Even Seek Up that used to be just a Roi solo is now just another battle. I'm tried of the battles, it's way overused in everything.
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