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I'm not sure why you're mentioning Jeff not wanting to be Roi. I don't recall ever saying that, implying that, or ever reading on this board that someone wants that. Someone adding fills and tasteful layers through arrangements doesn't mean they're trying to copy someone. Rashawn had control of the horn section the moment Roi had that accident. So he helped Jeff's transition into the band (and Rashawn gets 100% credit for that) and Jeff's tone and flow are different from Roi so the first few years it was still new to a lot of people and the solos were packed full of power and aggressively playful riffs pushing Carter to react quicker than he was used to during a sax solo on say a #41 for example. But when the solos started to either go away, tone down, or started to be shared with Rashawn, that's when it became noticeable to people. It's not that in 2009 Jeff was adding all kinds of improvised riffs and sections throughout all the songs and then it suddenly stopped. In reality he never really had that freedom. After finally becoming comfortable with the songs he learned, that knowledge was basically wasted on horn riffs guided by Rashawn. Any show I've been to over the last 8 years, I always see Rashawn queuing Jeff to get ready for a horn riff on top of Tim's solo, or wherever. So when I can clearly see someone directing, and talent just being wasted...yeah I do blame Rashawn. And hey look I'm happy for Jeff though, dude is making sweet cash, he's a bit famous now, and he deserves it all. It's just my personal preference in how the band's sound/direction has gone.
I really disagree with you about Jeff. I hear what you're saying, but I just see it differently. He had plenty of freedom in '08-'10. Sure, he was still learning songs and being helped by Rashawn, but he was soloing and shredding songs in his own style and throwing licks all over the place. It did suddenly stop. I think that was pretty clear. Listen to shows from '09 and '10 again, and then from the last couple years. I mean, it's drastic to me. That changed drastically from '11 onward, we know that. So, something happened. But it's almost like you're implying that Rashawn told him to basically scale and cut back and just play cheesy horn lines and I doubt that's the case. I think at the very minimum Jeff willingly and consciously wanted to scale things back and take a more minimal role. I don't think he was nessecarily "coerced" or "directed" to do it. How do we know he doesn't love doing horn lines and adding that stuff? Maybe he prefers it too?

Seems like most people on here put no blame on Jeff when it comes to his scaled back role, as if the entire band sat him down and told him to stop soloing so much or something. I think we have to also blame Jeff himself because I happen to believe it was more HIS choice than anything else. I don't know for sure, none of us do, but we can't rule that out either until someone actually admits what the deal is with that.
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