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Originally Posted by roshea999 View Post
I live about 3 blocks from Snooze (Union Station) and I'll never step foot in there

Everyone says it's great and all, but I just can't justify those costs for a "breakfast/brunch." A diner? You'll find me there.

I will be enjoying the hell out of Illegal Pete's in about 8 hours.

It's amazing what I could buy in Chicagoland (a much better city experience than Denver) vs. here. But, Colorado > Illinois by every other measure.
The one thing I do miss about New England are the diners. You can get breakfast anywhere for like $10.

Here, everything is prepared by some “executive chef,” even if all you’re eating is an omelette and a blueberry pancake.

Where do you live? I live downtown above Whole Foods.
Originally Posted by K270 View Post
Just so you know, B.B.C. stands for Bitch Be Cool.
Originally Posted by Mitch View Post
You know what else it stands for though, right?
Originally Posted by JimBeam41 View Post
I cant wait for him to google that
30 minutes later

Originally Posted by K270 View Post
You guys are sick.
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