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Originally Posted by Wildcats82 View Post
It's not a matter of "OMG I just love this job". It's a matter of "if this new job doesn't work what do I do?"

For example. I have worked for Panera Bread in some capacity since 2007. I have quit 3 times. Always put in my 2 weeks notice and always worked hard until I clocked out on my last shift. I work there again (4th time). When I walked into the store I quit I was sort of embarrassed to ask for my job back. But my GM was cool and rehired me.

I just don't want to burn bridges.

But maybe I'm just a pessimist.
I hear that, i understand more now after backreading. Like I said above maybe itís better to not have that cushion to fall back on. It sounds like you have a lot of good opportunities so you should always take the chance at bettering yourself and career.
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