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Originally Posted by Wildcats82 View Post
Gonna throw my post from the Work Sucks thread in here.

sooooo I got a call from a Homewood Suites today about being Operations Supervisor. A little bit more money but a lot more responsibility. Which is what I want.

My only fear is that I just quit a job, and then a month later came back to it. How do I quit a job again after I fought to get it back?

BTW just an interview, haven't been offered anything. also VERY IMPORTANT note. Management company is a large, reputable company with properties all over the country. Unlike my last debacle.
Always, ALWAYS do what's best for yourself over what's best for a company. Good managers will understand, bad managers will be upset, but you don't want to work for those managers anyways.

There are very, very few instances where being loyal to a company over your own career interests may be a good idea, but the vast majority of the time it's absolutely best to always do what's best for yourself.

Remember: no one, at the end of the day, looks out for you the way you do. NO one. Take the new job, and if you get an even better offer in two months at another, take that one. Just make sure you weigh everything (not just money) and figure out what is absolutely the best decision for yourself.
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Just so you know, B.B.C. stands for Bitch Be Cool.
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You know what else it stands for though, right?
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I cant wait for him to google that
30 minutes later

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You guys are sick.
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