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Originally Posted by ethaxton View Post
We were at the host resort. With 4 other friends. The combo of the friends + cool people at the resort really made the experience for me. The lines were horrible for merch and the venue wasn't the best for D&T I admit though.
My wife and I went with another couple. The resort was too big, we couldn't get a dinner reservation (tried the advanced dinner reso too online, but no luck), had a 'premium' room that didn't feel very premium due to the leaks in the toilet that flooded the bathroom and bugs in the Jacuzzi Tub on the balcony.

Didn't expect to get very close to the stage for any of the nights, which was fun as we wanted to experience the resort. The Merch line was a joke. Throw another Merch booth somewhere else. I've been saying for awhile a cash only, poster only Merch booth would be fabulous.

One thing I was impressed was the wait staff at the venue working the crowd with trays of cocktails and beer. That was very cool.
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