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Originally Posted by Crush87 View Post
Aside from a few songs, Peter sucked. But then so did Dave's voice in the beginning. Unfair to comment on his abilities when all we have is two short years of a very new band searching for their sound.
but i feel like peter's problem could be helped. dave's voice being almost an octave higher than it became was just natural aging and use and figuring it out. i don't think dave was consciously making a choice to sound like a kermit, but peter was consciously making a choice to use the cheesiest effects around that ruined the music.

stefan, while not where he's at now, was still impressive. boyd was better than he is even now, carter still rocked, roi was maybe the best he ever was then, etc.

peter wasn't all bad all the time. i like his work on blue water and SMTS and the maker. other than that? awful stuff and a warning sign (IMO) that keys are just not for this band.

Originally Posted by Fan#41 View Post
His pac-man effects on the 10/31/92 Halloween are pretty hilarious though.
i personally get a kick out of the hilarious distorted guitar effect he uses in Warehouse.

Originally Posted by Crush87 View Post
Lots of things he did were laughable and I'm glad he left. I just think he gets more flack than is deserved.
i don't think he gets nearly enough, honestly.

Originally Posted by holdyouclose View Post
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Interesting....from the front page of Ants
that sounds really dumb.

Originally Posted by brian3641 View Post
Maybe it's a Dave version of I'm Still Here.
that would be even worse.

Originally Posted by Fan#41 View Post
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