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I'm no Tiger Woods apologist, but the media needs to chill out with the story of his DUI arrest. Police have confirmed that he wasn't drunk and blew a ".00" on his breathalyzer, yet now CNN has a video up of him being taken into custody. The guy was on painkillers and was clearly out of it when he got behind the wheel, but they're treating and reporting it as if he was actually drinking and driving. He had a (clearly bad) reaction to pain medications - why do you need to villainze and embarrass him any further with mugshots and police videos? Is the goal to drive the guy into some kind of depression? Does anything matter more than "clicks" anymore?

Really tired of CNN's unapologetic, continuous transformation into TMZ. What happened to journalistic integrity?
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Just so you know, B.B.C. stands for Bitch Be Cool.
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You know what else it stands for though, right?
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I cant wait for him to google that
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You guys are sick.
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