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Originally Posted by greykitkat36 View Post
3 Nights--Greek Theatre
3 Nights--Gorge
3 Nights--SPAC
3 Nights-- Alpine
3 Nights-- Deer Creek
3 Nights-- Camden/Mann Center (or some better NY venue that's not Randalls)
3 Nights-- Atlanta
3 Nights -- Austin TX
3 Nights--West Palm beach, FL

I mean, what's wrong with that? That would be awesome and way better imo than the way it currently is. They've pretty much made it so that hitting a one nighter isn't worth it for people like us. If we don't do a full 2 nighter, we're going to leave pissed because of a shitty uninspired overplayed set which is pretty much exactly what they do at every venue except the ones mentioned above. Not to mention it's almost half the amount of dates which would be easier on all the members and you could space these three nights stand all a week or two apart.
THIS FUCKING THING AGAIN. You love to make up new tours for them. Every. Single. Year.

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the letters he draws with his tongue.
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