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Originally Posted by typsitch View Post
Here's an idea for mixing up tour sets:

- Take the # of songs played over the past 3 tours:
--- For the top 25% of songs played, can only be played at most 50% of current tour
--- For the bottom 25% of songs played (not including covers), must be played at least 50% of current tour
--- For songs not played at all over past 3 tours (not including covers), must be played at least once in current tour

I'm sure someone could spend a lot of time coming up with a really effective formula for keeping sets fresh year after year. Dave should really have someone helping him with this.
Hope you didn't think about that one too much, because it'll never happen in a million years But I agree 100% with everything you've said in this thread. The reasons sets are stale as hell is because a lot of the radio hits (Grey St, Satellite, DDTW, Ants, WWYS, Crush, Crash) are played into the ground like hell. Combine that with the same of Dave's favorites being overplayed (Samurai Cop, Death On High Seas, Sister, YMDT, Seven, etc.) Every show is a brutal amount of overplayed songs.

I understand you want to appeal to part of the radio crowd as well, but they really have no excuse for not mixing that up. yes they played 116 songs one tour, but 40 of those they played 25-30+ times and like 75 of them they played 1-2 times. So that stat does nothing for me because it's so incredibly skewed. Really other than their MAJOR radio songs (crash, crush, ants, WWYS, Satellite and maybe Two Step and #41 which have become major favorites) no single song should be getting played more than 15 times a tour imo. Way too much. The songs I mentioned are the only ones that should if at all.

That's why I enjoyed The caravans and am against this super long touring schedule of 40+ dates. Too much of the same, stale uninspired sets. Playing 3 night stands forces the band to not repeat songs and to dig deeper into the catalog making everything much more fresh and interesting. I'd much rather them do 25 shows--7-8 different 3 night stands and that's the tour, not all these random one-nighters in between two nighters.
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