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Originally Posted by blumathu View Post
Well, LP 4 could have been the Lillywhite Sessions.
And I think better radio single choices could have been made for the last two albums.
And I think the 2 set format from this last tour was a great opportunity to mix it up, but they let it get kind of stale.
I guess maybe I'm nitpicking, but there have been missed opportunities for sure.
That's kind of apples and oranges. Carter blew up the Lillywhite Sessions, Dave decides what songs to play, etc. Those guys have nothing at all to do with what Live Trax album gets released next (with the exception of the one time they picked Scranton).

Releasing a 1994 or a 2014 show in the bundle with UtTaD next month is purely a decision made by numbers crunchers. Which 94/95 show it is, maybe they'll narrow it down to two or three and someone in the creative side will be asked for input.

The only $$ miss the really have ever had was the disaster of the Caravan shows, which I still can't comprehend because they were so obviously destined to be disasters from the start. Someone got hoodwinked into projecting those numbers. To be clear, maybe the band wanted to do the shows at any cost or whatever, but I'm talking about the fact that management promised food trucks from NYC like 50,000 concert goers per day, and they only got like 75,000 for the entire weekend.

Originally Posted by celluloid hero View Post
The only things we know about sales are two things:

1.) Someone who knew someone in management posted during the preorder period of Live Trax v7 asking why people weren't preordering a show that was in major demand and was released due to hardcore fallout of the Fenway release. So maybe that one picked up by the end, but preorders were lower than expected for that show that was aimed primarily at us, and enough that someone broke cover and came in here to flat out ask why sales were low.

2.) Live Trax v23 had a normal estimate of production and it sold out in preorder.

So a tale of hardcore success and of hardcore failure.
And all of that was a significant amount of time ago.

With how tired everyone is of DMB 3.0, I'm not sure a 2014 release is something DMBCorp is clamoring to put out.

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