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My (un)official review of Funny People:

The 20% fresh rating is for the percentage of the movie that was either funny or comprehensible. The movie started slow and awkwardly, progressed into a mildly humorous look into male bonding and what we're led to believe is the world of comedy, and then took a dive off the deep end. Not only did the jokes stop, except for the common motif of poorly delivered and awkwardly placed jokes about male reproductive organs, but the plot took so many forced, abrupt, and unrealistic turns that my mind was reeling every five minutes trying to catch up with what was supposed to be happening.

The story could (should) have ended after the first hour and a half tops. And yet the "writer" not only tried to force twist after twist down our throats, but seemed to forget that this movie was called "funny people", as he stopped including anything remotely humorous, and failed miserably at painting an even somewhat realistic portrait of any of the human conditions he tried to write about. It was the kind of writing you expect from a single-season sitcom, but without even an attempt at making it funny. I left the theatre after the brawl in the backyard. By the end you had forgotten that he was ever sick, that Seth Rogen was even in the movie, and that you were even watching a comedy. A failed attempt at a comedy, at a "drama", at acting, at character development, a superb waste of an unbearable two and a half hours and ten dollars.

EDIT: I wrote this review on Rotten Tomatoes, to clarify where the "fresh rating" came from
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