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The coal industry is dead and the oil industry is next, it's not personal, it's straight up economics. We are moving to a clean energy society because it cost less. This article shows the job transition can be done.

I've always been a proactive person, so it's nice to see articles like these trying to think of solutions before a big job loss hits our nation at one time. If we don't do anything now to help these people, there should be no complaining from politicians or other citizens when the jobless numbers rise due to failing companies.

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The decline of the U.S. coal industry is largely out of the presidentís hands, since it is influenced by global markets and the advent of cheaper energy alternatives.
In states with the most coal jobs, many workers could be retrained for the growing solar PV industry -- some at a cost of just a few thousand dollars. For many coal companies, even those filing for bankruptcy, the cost of retraining all employees would be less than a yearís pay for the CEO.
Arch Coal, which has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, paid its executives and directors more than $29 million in the year leading up to its bankruptcy filing,
Remember this company, I posted up thread about them as one of the coal companies giving money to organizations that spread the denial of climate change........
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