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Originally Posted by Huff View Post
Millette Hall
Oxford, OH
Dave & Tim

*** 3/4 (would be higher if it weren't for the crowd)

Amazing D+T show. Some stellar performances and, in one instance, one hell of a recovery from a trainwreck of a song.

Bartender opening D+T style is perfect. It sets a great mood that hangs over the set (too bad the douchebags of Miami U don't understand "mellow."). Nice surprise appearance of BOWA and I'm a big fan of BEF D+T style. Strong showings from the staples (Stone, LIOG, Two Step, DDTW, Jimi, Ants, etc.). You can't go wrong with a D+T Stay or Leave either.

The show marked a few highlight moments of mention:
First show to ever feature two covers of the same artist (Maker & Wynonna)
It was the first show to get a FULL Blue Water since Feb. '97
The crash and recovery of Christmas Song actually made the song
The jam for Crush was outstanding
Solid Nancies with the drunk man intro to wrap it all up

WORST crowd I've ever been a part of. This was truly an outstanding show, but the crowd knocks it down a few notches b/c, no matter whose tape you have, the crowd's very prevelant and asshole-ish. But the quality of the show itself makes the tape a great listen. I pray that, should we ever get a series of D+T shows released on SBD, this show makes the cut. Phenomenal.
I'll admit to letting out one loud woo when I heard those first two chords of blue water. I freaked momentarily, then melted into the song. Such a good version.

"With cocaine footprints on the table
My head hurts me bad
Oh and with lipsticks on the cigarette butts
But who will know who this may be
But I can't remember any of the faces
That kept me up kept me up disgracing you"

Also, that crush jam was outstanding.
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