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Originally Posted by mrchattr View Post
What kind of stuff does Coffin play? Is it more traditional jazz than the 'Tones? Or more like a Mike Stern/Flecktones mash up type thing? I'm very curious, because I love his sax playing. And his water bottle playing.
Traditional jazz and w/ lots of different time signatures. He extends things out so much and people take thier time w/ solos, a 4 minute song could go at least 15 minutes because everyone takes a solo and goes to town. There are a few of his shows up on to check out. I was at the the one in Rams Head in Annapolis. He changes group members all the time so each show is very unique but I really enjoy Jeff's stuff. Mad Hatter is one of my favorite songs from his new album Bloom (I think the time sig for that was like 17/4 or something like that).
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