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Don't mean to tell you how to watch the game, but if you have no dog in the fight for the OU/A&M game tonight, consider this:

Right after he was hired for the job, A&M coach Billy Kennedy was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, and he felt it only right to make it known to the university. He's still here.

Here's the shittier part; it's widely known that other schools in the region then began to recruit our committed players after hearing the news under a "Kennedy won't be alive for much longer, so why risk going there if he won't be there" kind of mentality.

We don't know which schools/programs took this approach, and I'm not placing blame on OU, but it wouldn't be a big stretch to assume that they might've been a part of it.

So, FWIW, beat the hell outta OU.
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