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Originally Posted by Jack View Post
is 6/5/98 the one the band supposedly doesn't have a good copy of?
I'm not sure, maybe Rob knows the answer to that. What is known about 6/5/98 though is that all other feeds sound terrible. VH1's audio feed was terrible, wbcn's 3 song broadcast was awful. So it was widely speculated that the mix going out had some sort of interference. It was never confirmed that the band's own copy was bad. Still wish that girl from Nancies was still around, the one who claimed to have been an intern for VH1 at the time and had the whole video, not just the first few songs VH1 aired. No one believed her until she shared a quicktime link of Drive and Crush. Then the link was dead two days later and she posted only a few times after that and then she was gone Keyser Soze style.
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