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Originally Posted by MaLaKaS View Post
So what are the thoughts on "Can't Deny Me" so far?
Just listened to it for the first time. I don't like to judge after one listen, but on first listen, it seemed surprisingly bland and without any edge. I think even had it been played faster, it could've been way better. Disappointed. "Mind Your Manners", "The Fixer" and "Worldwide Suicide" were all much better lead singles, and I don't even really like "The Fixer."

And while I don't fault them for being political (and I agree with his politics), the song is just too 2018 for my tastes. Between the cover art of the young woman at the protest, and the overt anti-Trump lyrics, it just feels like it's checkmarking 2018 boxes. I know PJ have always been like that (see "Bushleaguer"), but "where's your vocabulary, your ignorance is sinful, etc" is so on the nose. I have no beef with artists making political statements through their music, but if you're gonna say something a million of people have said over and over through the last couple years, at least say it in a fresh way. Anyway, I could easily get past the lack of creativity in the lyrics if the music were creative, but it's not.
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