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Originally Posted by sean52692 View Post
I'm not sure if I can recall one time Jeff played non-set random lines throughout a song in those years the same way Roi would in songs like Rapunzel, Seek Up, Grey Street, etc. Maybe LITHOG, Say Bye, or an acoustic set performance though

he and Rashawn are just a package deal. Unless one of them are taking individual solos, they're usually playing the same lines together.
I love Jeff but that element is sorely missing in the music. Gave versions of songs a bit more of a distinct feel whereas the horn section style makes things feel a bit too sterile over time.
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Paul Bearer was Kane's father, but not Undertaker's. Taker killed his parents in a funeral home fire, but Bearer knocked up Undertaker's mom with Kane.
Originally Posted by celluloid hero View Post
This is the most absurd post I've ever made on a message board.
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