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Yeah, the easiest change they can make right now is to have Tim cut back on his aggressive rock tone and play more clean electric and throw the acoustic in there more, on the songs where it would sound good. There's certain songs where that overdriven/distorted tone work..(Last Stop, Halloween, YMDT, Squirm, DDTW, Watchtower etc. the heavier songs). But sometimes he tends to use it on songs that used to be more mellow like Crush, OSW, Satellite and I don't like his use of it on songs like that.

I do agree that his playing on the acoustic this summer was definitely much more interesting, but part of that is because he's the ONLY soloist, and has to be interesting otherwise it gets stale quick. I think if he scaled his tone back and played with some more creativity and freedom it would help a lot. Rather than just playing loud, fast and aggressively. I think that would also make Carter play more like he used to as well, instead of feeling the need to keep pace with that heavier sound.
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