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Originally Posted by wiebrod View Post

I agree, I would like Dave to go back to playing the guitar and coming up with unique riffs, and couple that with good lyrics and this is a huge move for me.

I don't want Tim gone by any means and RR doesn't bother me much either so if he leaves or goes it won't bother me. I enjoy the lineup the way it is knowing that that it will never be the original 5 ever again.
Off topic, but I hear the criticism often, how Tim being around has eliminated Dave's creativity on guitar, and how Tim being able to do riffs has drawn him away from basing his songs on "unique riffs." Maybe that's true, maybe not, but I don't feel like the majority of this band's songs have been based on "unique riffs" since the mid-90's. Since then, the focus has seemed to be on band interplay.
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