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Originally Posted by MaLaKaS View Post
Yea my coworkers were discussing this Exxon topic at work this past week. It's pretty sick how we will kill ourselves for more money.
Yes. This is not something we can just clean up and start over, this will effect generations to come. We as a species are so short-sided, looking at only next quarter profits......and just to added to those that love futuristic movies - we can never get there if we are stuck on a type of energy that we dig from the ground.

More on the investigations:

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[Only registered users can see links.]

Edit: Just to give some background on why I'm so into sustainable energy - my daughter. Before she was born, I really didn't think about what was going on with our planet, but something changed when she came along.......I guess it was that parental instinct that sets in. She is 5 now and it makes me angry and sad that people who will be dead by the time she is an adult have changed our planet for profit.

From the tech side - we will move away from fossil fuels whether people like it or not. EVs are easier to build and maintain, and they drive better as well. Technology always wins. Examples - Horse to car / typewriter to computer / radio to tv/ land phone to cell phone / cell phone to smart phone

And now it's ICE to EV / coal and natural gas to Solar and Wind + battery storage

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