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Yikes with this disc, but actually think there have been far worse ones in the past. Get in line, people, people, cry freedom and the Marin tracks, really hard not to get excited about those. The test though makes no sense '06 really was a pretty awful year, aside from the hoe down In Grace and the new songs (KTK Shotgun) there really isn't much to like from it. Dave's voice sucked all year and I don't even remember last stop being played at all that year, so this one can't be a great one,

This Get In Line is by far my favorite, not that there are many to choose from, but will be really happy to have this one. Maybe this will help that song get played again by DMB next year or by D+T this summer. I think the last few years these WH discs have helped liberate some tunes like GGt and Sugar Will.
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