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Originally Posted by sdaltons View Post
wow you really went out on a limb calling something pretty much everyone could see coming
Actually, Celluloid disagreed with me about it saying he highly doubted it would happen.

Originally Posted by Mersh View Post
When does the pre-holiday release get announced and when does the next dmblive get dropped?
Originally Posted by mario View Post
UtTaD 20th anniversary?
Originally Posted by celluloid hero View Post
They have never really paid any attention to anniversaries. Whoever is doing their twitter feed now does, but the releases are not timed. I would not expect an announcement for this.
Originally Posted by mario View Post
There was only one anniversary so far, and it was R2T, an album many people don't know exists.

UtTaD is going to be a big release. Unless they think its so big it will sell itself anyway, Christmas seems pretty perfect.

The conversation continued from there.

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