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Originally Posted by usfice6 View Post
Do you really think not having money to buy players was about the stadium being paid off? I think they've always had the money to do whatever they wanted in the transfer market but I always got the sense that is was against Wenger's philosophy to splash obscene amounts of money on player(s). He'd rather find lower cost players that fit his system. Almost to the point that he's too stubborn to spend money on players because he thinks his system and philosophies will eventually prove him right.
Good question He is frugal, there's no question. Whether that comes from the board, or whether he keeps the board happy by being frugal, I don't know. Honestly, I'm not in a position to say that everything (or even anything) that I've read and heard about it is bullshit. He absolutely will not overpay what he thinks is value for a player. But 41m for Ozil, 35m for Sanchez and ~30 for Xhaka in 5 years after almost nothing for the 8 years before it helps the point that they can now spend. He said he refused to destroy the team financially to move to the new stadium. Finding a guy like Elneny from Basel that immediately took over a position that had been unstable since Cazorla got hurt is natural viagra to him. But if he thinks he can take last year's team and replace a questionable keeper with Cech and win the league without making any other moves, he will.

I feel like I know as much about the current Premier League as anyone could having only watched it for two seasons. I'd defer everything else to the sites and blogs I read, and I have never seen anyone challenge the stadium backstory. They even talked about on the Emirates Stadium tour how important it was to keep finances in order and how expensive it was for things not related to the structure, like paying to move all the companies off the premises as part of the land purchase deal they arranged. He is such a major part of the club, that he was the one making the deals on the stadium. Everything including picking the seat types that the supporters sit in.
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