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It's bad when you were 2-1 up with 18 minutes to play and lose 3-2.

It's even worse when you realize that if it would have finished 2-2 we still would have gotten 4th given that Citeh went on to draw with Swansea.

But then again 4th and an FA Cup win could have meant another season with LVG and I just couldn't take that.
It's not just the West Ham game but the whole season in general. They lost or drew so many games to teams they should be absolutely dominating. The brand of football under LVG was just stagnant and boring. Possession is only important if you actually do something productive with it, everything was square or backwards.

I think he would've been gone even if they did snag the 4th spot. They need to be able to recruit players and I can't see anyone wanting to come in and play for him after this season.
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