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To me ED is on par with BW And AFTW..thereís a few really good songs and a lot of subpar ones. Stand UP is just shitty and isnít considered at all in my account. I donít like the productiOn on ED at all, sounds too polished and nothing like DMB. Definitley prefer BW and AFTW Inc that regard. However, the songs on ED have really aged well lived ave become staples for me. Everyday and So Right are awesome Live and Iím never upset to hear them. WTWE is overplayed but I donít hate it at shows if itís placed right. I love Fool To Think and Sleep To Dream Her live as well especially because they donít get played as much. What You Are is still one of my favorite Live songs to hear too. Even in 3.0 that shit packs the energy..doesnít bother me at all I welcome it whenever. But like the other albums, thereís a bunch I hope to never hear I Did It and Angel and Mother Father.
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