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Originally Posted by ggies View Post

From the tech side - we will move away from fossil fuels whether people like it or not. EVs are easier to build and maintain, and they drive better as well. Technology always wins. Examples - Horse to car / typewriter to computer / radio to tv/ land phone to cell phone / cell phone to smart phone

And now it's ICE to EV / coal and natural gas to Solar and Wind + battery storage
We'll move away from fossil fuels as soon as people can do so without sacrificing financially or in terms of lifestyle. Right now that isn't the case -- EVs are more expensive and do less than fossil fuel / ICE cars. The minute that isn't the case, the switchover will be near instantaneous.
- Matt

Originally Posted by Jack View Post
What's this about 'extended delay?' Hardened boarders know TDC was only down for two days: the day it went down, and the day it went back up.
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