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Originally Posted by julio1867 View Post
thanks for the reviews, keep them coming. I was really excited about the look, it is nice looking, but I was wondering about the play-ability. The other great thing was the $300 price range!
Yes the price is great and even though my post came off negative, I still liked the guitar. By no means is it good enough to plug in and play in front of anaudience but jamming out in your room is a good time.
I did have a problem with mine after a few weeks though. Epiphone put more time on the body than they did on the wiring/sound.

If you are looking for a 12 string I just got a great one. I got it this past December and I love it. It is a Mitchell and I paid $250 for it at my local guitar center. Great full body sound, etc. When I traded in my Ep. Chet Atkins they only gave me $85 - kinda tells you what people think the chet is worth. PLaying JTR on the twelve string is without a doubt the most fun thing to play.
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