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Originally Posted by NiCK Crush View Post
If you all liked him so much it wouldn't have taken his death for this thread to come back.

Sad the man is gone, he was far too young. Just never really cared for his music. Really probably has more to do with me fucking hating Free Falling.

Last Dance with Mary Jane and Runnin Down A Dream are cool. But beyond that I just never really enjoyed his stuff.
I mean, it could have something to do with this being a DMB board.

Petty is my second favorite musician of all time, and over the last decade or two, he's been far better and more interesting than the guy sitting at #1.

As others have mentioned, Wildflowers is a legendary album. Full Moon Fever, too. I get the sense you've never actually dived all that deep into Petty's music outside of the 3-5 that you may know from the radio.

Dave can only hope that he'll leave 10% of the musical legacy that Petty left. When people like Ringo, Harrison, Cash, Nicks, and Dylan knock on your door to work with you, you're one of the best musicians of all time.

There's a Petty documentary on Netflix. It's really long, but I highly suggest you watch it. The guy was a fucking badass and took shit from no one, while also being one of the most caring and thoughtful people in music to those that deserved it.

He was the complete opposite of Dave in that he actually embraced the leadership role in his band and always held himself (and those around him) to ridiculously high standards. That's why in their 40 years as a band they never really released a bad album; some were much better than others, but every single one of them was enjoyable.

And somehow, miraculously, his "solo" albums - where he essentially had full creative control - were generally the best of the bunch, because he knew what the fuck he was doing.

His loss HURTS.

But, yeah, Wildflowers will be an album that I spin regularly until the day I die. So glad I bought the vinyl a few months ago, because they're going to be insanely expensive now.
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Just so you know, B.B.C. stands for Bitch Be Cool.
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You know what else it stands for though, right?
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I cant wait for him to google that
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You guys are sick.
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