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Originally Posted by Bluewater34 View Post
I posted something similar in another thread. I know exactly what you mean: I wouldn't have ever mentioned Tom Petty as one of my favorite artists, but when I think back over my life, songs of his that I've always loved and continue to love are a part of a lot of memories. Without a doubt more than many of the artists that I do call favorites. His music was so consistent, so unassuming and so unpretentious that it became increasingly easy to take him for granted. With him suddenly dying so unexpectedly, it really throws that into sharp relief.
Originally Posted by Mitch View Post
well said. I said it recently in one of these threads, but as a teen of the 80's, Petty has been a big part of my life's soundtrack. It's so true what you say of taking it for granted. I often think that or say that to my wife of a lot the songs/artists you hear on "classic rock" radio. I heard them all so much that I take them for granted, but sometimes when I hear them I'm like "fuck, this really is an amazing song."
completely agree

Originally Posted by Bluewater34 View Post
To honor Tom Petty, tomorrow Pitchfork is going to dedicate all their daily reviews to his albums. They're going to do the debut, Damn the Torpedoes, Full Moon Fever and Wildflowers.
Nice. My friends were all obsessed with Wildflowers but I'm with Mitch, always thought Damn the Torpedoes was his best. Into the Great Wide Open was great too, that was actually the first Petty album I heard.
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