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Originally Posted by Tambourine Man View Post
Dave said Fuck Trump. Trashing your President overseas, real nice
In fairness, he said that was the name of the 2nd solo song Tim played. Not like he jumped on stage for Trump bashing to hear the cheees of the crowd.

Was here for work and grabbed a ticket last minute. Standard set. Biggest cheer from the crowd was cornbread. Second was just after Tim's Graves solo (no reprise).

Dave made it sound like someone made them take the set break. Unclear if the venue or management.

Show wasn't anything to write home about, but after seeeing these 2 since 99, this was the best crowd I've ever seen them with. Outside of a few outbursts towards the end they were quiet, attentive, cheered after songs and were quiet during songs. I wish d&t summer crowds could look like these Europe crowds.
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