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Originally Posted by mikelhu View Post
Matthews mentioned he's not one to fight the man in regards to the intermission so it seemed like a venue thing

Originally Posted by greykitkat36 View Post
Was it announced they were doing 2 sets? Now I'm confused as to whether the format for the US tour will be more like Mexico or more like this. Any reports about this?

This show on paper, is, well, uneventful. The second set is better than the first to me, but overall not very exciting..but they barely play in Europe and haven't in this setting in 10 years, so I'm not surprised at all it was a "greatest hits" set. I think that'll def be more the case for this Europe tour..I do think song-wise and setlist wise The US Tour it should be closer to what we saw in Mexico, I hope.

I would have guessed that they were trying out different show formats in preparation for the US tour, but I guess it was the venue's call?
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let the children write the sets
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