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D/T came out at 7:40 and played until 8:45. Then took a 25 minute intermission which was a bit strange. They played until 10:45, so 2 hours and 40 mins stage time... So for those wondering it was close to the Mexico shows.

There was one moment where the crowd lost it, after Graves I believe. Someone yelling for Dreamgirl of all songs but that was quickly quieted.

I cannot emphasize enough how great the crowd was. The entire theatre sat the entire show with the exception of a handful of ppl for the encore. You could hear a pin drop after every song and I think made Dave extra chatty tonight. And what a welcome it was to actually HEAR Tim's solo sections during Warehouse instead of the Louie Louie's and during WWYS which was some nice work on the slide, as well as Cornbread and Two Step. Usually the crowd is going nuts during those moments and can drown Tim out a bit but not tonight, you could hear e every thing he was playing which was great.

Encore was odd choices and everyone was waiting for one more but oh well.
Overall I nice change of pace to actually HEAR d/t. I'm sure it will be the total opposite this summer.
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