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Originally Posted by dissident View Post
not really. now i'm trying to figure out why you watched multiple seasons of a show you never liked in the first place. i definitely think you're lying.

typical northeastern elitist bullshit.
holy shit bro, do you have issues

i watched more than the first season because i was on the fence. then sort of just LOST INTEREST in the whole plot. this was years ago while it was still on NBC, didn't it get picked up by another network in the past year(s). yes i'm lying Spencer just to be elitest, an elitest from the northeast. i think you know me better than that.

i apologize for the middle america negative comment, do you think i'm lying about that as well.

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Originally Posted by Mersh View Post
Shut the fuck up you filthy whore. Jesuit school has made you soft.
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